All About Outdoor Replacement Cushions

Would you like to know how to make your current outdoor furniture beautiful again? Brand new replacement cushions is the answer. We offer new cushions for any of our Wicker Warehouse Products, South Sea Rattan, Lane Venture, Classic Rattan, Braxton Culler and many others!

If you have furniture from one of the companies listed above that is easy. They have the patterns and we have them make new cushions. If not, we have the same upholsterer for over 20 years and can make almost any size cushion. Everyone piece of furniture has different size needs. That’s why we make new cushions to order. Also, our cushions are all quality American Made. Now you might be thinking that this will be more expensive, but it’s not! We have a procedure for you to give us the correct seat area measurements of your furniture.

We have wicker chair cushions, sofa cushions, dining chair cushions or replacement cushions for almost any piece of furniture you have. As a matter of fact, we get massive cost savings by not manufacturing, shipping, and storing sizes customers do not need! We instead make the cushions rapidly on demand for our customers exact needs only using the materials we already have for our furniture and cutting out any additional storage costs.

Our full sized furniture replacement cushions are about 5.5” thick, making them extremely comfortable. We use quality densified polyurethane foam with non-porous dacron wrapped over it. Our cushions are zippered.

If you have indoor area, outdoor deck furniture, patio or porch areas with sofas, chairs, or other furnishings wait until you see the difference with fresh, new cushions on it.

Wicker Warehouse also makes midsize cushions that are for furniture that just houses seat cushions. We stuff them to about 5” thick & when you sit on them they spread out a little and condense down to about 4 “. We make the chair cushions with a center button tuft. The button is covered with the same material that the cushion is made from. The top button has a string on it. We pull it through the center of the cushion and attach it the top of the other button that has a hook on it. The string is about ¾” long so it has a little “give” to it and provides for a comfortable seat.

Another way to make these cushions would be to stitch down the center of the cushion. This style cushion does not have any “give” to it. The cushion feel harder less comfortable. It also creates a well for dirt & dust to gather. They do this because it is less expensive to put in stitches.

We have a Cushion Form that explains to you our prices and explains how to measure. Also, if you need help, we are available via phone 6 days a week to walk you through the process. But to summarize the process:

  • - You do not measure the old cushions as they go out of shape from years of wear and tear.
  • - You start by measuring the seat areas of your furniture. Left to right & front to back. Then are the back corners of your furniture seats square or rounded?
  • - How high would you like the back cushions? Are the outside corners square or rounded?

Spun Polyester Fabric

Now you need to know how to select the fabric that is best for you. SP is an abbreviation for Spun Polyester Fabric.

Spun Polyester is very good fabric, but it does not accept dye like a cotton fabric.

When the fabric mill puts a floral print or striped pattern on they have to do what is called a Silk Screening Process.

The dye sets on top of the fabric. It does not go all of the way through. If you were to turn the fabric over you would see white on the other side.

These fabrics are at the beginning of the quality chain for fade resistance. They will slowly fade in sunlight.

Sunbrella Fabrics

For sunny or outdoor areas we recommend Sunbrella Fabrics. They are abbreviated as AC for being acrylic fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics cost more $ per yard than Spun Polyester so Sunbrella replacement cushions will cost a little more money initially to make your cushions, but they can be less expensive over the long run because you will get a longer lifespan. Besides sunny areas they are also very good for commercial property or rentals.

Sunbrella goes through a much more elaborate dying process called “Dyed Solution”. During this process the dye color goes all the way through to the other side of the fabric and they contain larger amounts of ultra violet inhibitors. Sunbrella fabrics are what are commonly used for outdoor awnings that you find outside of business storefronts. They stay out all year long in all of the elements.

Prices can vary depending on the size of your cushions and the pattern selection. We have been selling replacement cushions for outdoor furniture for over 20 years. Read our reviews here.

To summarize if you like to revitalize your furniture with quality American Made Cushions we are here for you. We’re available to answer questions about wicker furniture sets from 9 - 5 Monday through Friday and 9 - 4:30 Saturday Eastern Time. Give us a call at 1-800-274-8602.