Where you should buy Indoor or Outdoor Furniture From

Where you should buy Indoor or Outdoor Furniture From

Thinking about buying outdoor furniture, wicker chairs, or something else from a site that you are not familiar with and have no idea if this is a good, reputable company –or not?

Reading the reviews can be a major help. Normally reviews are issued on a one to five star rating. Five stars being the best.

But did you know, there is more information available? For example, take a look at how many reviews are available for you to read. Notice the dates that the reviews were made. This can give you an idea of how busy this site is.

Word of mouth spreads quickly. If there are lots of orders that is a good sign.

The seller has an opportunity to respond to the person submitting the review. Is the seller engaging with reviewers? Surely, the seller must appreciate reviews and believe if a buyer takes their time to share a review the seller should take the time to respond to all reviews, both the good & the critical.

Everyone likes really nice reviews, but every review is important as the seller learns what customers are thinking and will know how to improve.

Be careful. Some reviews sites, especially those ON a seller’s site are setup so the seller can adjust the order that the reviews are shown in. Meaning they can omit completely or put the less complimentary reviews towards the end of the list. Not being as visible.

Take a look at the dates that the reviews were submitted. If the dates are not in “date order” that may tell you that the seller has something to hide. Not a good sign. There are always going to be some negative reviews.

Most will be warranted and a few not so much. The important thing is how the seller handles the problem at hand.

Another very good way to test the seller is by calling on the phone. Do you get someone to speak with or do you get pushed off by a lot prompts & voice mail. When you get someone to speak with ask some questions about the products you are thinking of buying. Is this a “call center” –meaning a service that is paid to answer phones for many companies or it is an employee of the selling company. Rate their answers to you.

If the customer service person you are speaking with is knowledgeable that means that they have been properly informed & trained.

This is a very good sign and means they may also take pride in the product they are offering.

Last thing. Is this company really in the wicker business or are they selling wicker? Ask where the products come from.

What country they are made in. What materials is the furniture made from. Where are the cushions made. What are they made from.

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