How to Find the Best All Weather Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture

All weather wicker (click to view) is perfect for when the sun is shining. It’s time to enjoy special moments with family and friends on your patio, porch, or deck. But is your patio ready? Maybe it’s time for some new furniture...

When you’re ready for an upgrade on your outdoor furniture, synthetic wicker is the best option. Durable, comfortable and a great value, all weather outdoor wicker patio furniture is available in chairs, rockers, sofas, dining, sectionals & any other pieces you might want so you can create the exact outdoor setting you’re looking for.

What makes wicker all weather? Rather than just hunt for the “all weather” label, it’s smart to understand the important features so you’re sure you’re buying something that will last.

Keep reading to learn what factors contribute to wicker that is truly weather resistant as well as other important features to help you in your buying decision.


Why synthetic wicker?

Natural wicker is fabulous, but must be used indoors or very well covered outdoor areas.  Synthetic wicker is incredibly durable and very attractive. It comes in many shades such as white, black, golden honey, driftwood and varying shades of brown.

  • Sunlight

  • Rainwater

  • Salt water

  • Chlorine

What to look for in all weather outdoor wicker patio furniture

What does all weather actually mean? What makes wicker furniture truly all weather? You need to hunt for some key features in the wicker and the cushions.

High quality synthetic fiber

  • Has a natural look, uses fibers that are multicolored and/or multi-textured

  • Tight weave with no gaps

  • HDPE, high density polyethylene is non porous and died all the way through. HDPE is a better quality synthetic wicker. There are lots of different qualities to select from from.

The less expensive ones have a high plastic content and tend to dry or crack. HDPE is the most durable.

Aluminum frame

  • Cheaper outdoor wicker furniture options will have steel frames, which are prone to rust

  • Aluminum frames are not prone to rust and so are longer-lasting

  • Also, aluminum frames that are factory welded require no at-home assembly

Thick, weather-resistant cushions

  • Thickness of 5 inches or more

  • Contains special inners to protect against water damage (especially important for pool parties)

  • Upholstery fabric that is UV resistant

  • For sunny areas Sunbrella Fabrics are known to be amongst the most fade resistant and best quality.

When you find wicker benches, sofas, sectionals, chairs, and lounges that have these features, then you can rest assured that the furniture is all weather.


Additional benefits of outdoor wicker patio furniture

Durability and longevity aren’t the only benefits of synthetic wicker. This style of outdoor furniture has more to love. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and suitable for families with children.


  • Easy to move around as needed

  • Especially compared to wood or rod iron outdoor furniture

Easy to clean

  • Wipe down regularly to remove dust and dirt

  • Use a gentle powerwash when needed

  • Spot clean cushions with gentle furniture cleaner

Suitable for children

  • No sharp corners

  • Lightweight, relatively soft material compared to wood or rod iron

Tips for increasing the longevity of wicker patio furniture

Furniture that satisfies the criteria above for high quality synthetic wicker and weather-resistant cushions can be left out in the sun and the rain for months if you’d like. But of course, most people want their furniture to stay as good as new.

To protect your furniture here’s what you can do:

  1. Use a resin all weather storage trunk to store your cushions during the off season (from about October to April in most states) to protect the cushions from getting waterlogged.

  2. If your furniture is not kept in a shady area consider moving it during the off season to a sheltered place like the garage or side of the house, or cover it with furniture covers.

Let’s say that May has arrived, and you’ve already moved your wicker furniture out by the pool. There’s an unexpected rainstorm, and you wonder if you should move your furniture back under an awning. You can if you want to, but it’s unnecessary.

Take advantage of the all weather appeal of wicker and allow yourself not to worry about sunny days and unexpected storms during the late spring to fall months. However, if you know you won’t be using it during the winter, it’s best to go ahead and protect it by storing your cushions and moving your furniture to a safe spot or covering it.

Fantastic for lounging and entertaining, wicker patio furniture is a worthwhile, long-lasting investment.

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