Important Information Before You Buy

Today we all shop online from pictures and we shop everywhere. It is wonderful to have so many options, but it can also be confusing.

How do we know what we are really buying & is it a good value. When it comes to wicker products we would like to share how we operate

& explain why products are better or lesser quality. This will help you to understand why things cost more or less.

We started in 1978. We are a small family run business. We have a showroom in N. J. & is our web site.

Although we have lots of local area people visiting our showroom because we ship all over the 48 states & to freight fowarders who then bring our products to the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii etc. most of our customers originate from referrals, our web site.

We offer a wide range of aluminum framed synthetic wicker (resin) products and also a wide range of natural rattan products. We will start with the synthetic wicker products.

We only use heavy gauge aluminum for our frames. The option is to make the frames from steel. Steel costs less, but can rust. Picture this---a hollow steel pole is power coated---On the outside of the pole--with the same color that the wicker will be. That helps protect the steel from moisture on the outside of the pole. What about the inside of the pole? What stops moisture from accumulating there, rusting & creating rust stains? There is no powder coating that I know of on the inside of these steel poles.

This is even a more important fact if you are located by salt water. Ask yourself why a furniture maker would use steel when aluminum is better----cost—that is why.

Then ask yourself if they are cutting the quality of the frame material what else are they cutting. Do the frames require assembly?

This is done to reduce the costs of shipping & storing. Some assemblies are pretty good, but those attachment areas do not stay as strong as factory welded products. They have stress points by the connections.

And we have heard of the assembly points not matching or hardware missing, not to mention the time it takes you to do this yourself.

What about the seat sizes & back heights of the furniture. They are often a little smaller & lower. What about the quality of the synthetic wicker. What about the quality of the fabric & the stuffing? How thick are the cushions? There are lots of people who could not resist buying this type of furniture & come to us a year or two later to make them new cushions or buy all new furniture. Our cushions are American Made. What about the synthetic wicker. The best is HDPE—high density polyethylene. There are lots of different qualities. The less expensive wicker has a plastic content that tends to dry & crack. We only use HDPE over our aluminum frames. We all know we get what we pay for.

Natural Rattan—we use the best Rattan in the world—comes from Indonesia. The rattan frames are strong and Durable. It is the best rattan to resist splitting & cracking—and we use thick, heavy pieces for our frames, not skinny little pieces.

This is really well made furniture. We try to use the best materials—example-
When we make our Traditional or Pavilion Dressers, our Headboards, our Signature Chairs, desks & file cabinets—

We use Mahogany Wood for the frames. They are strong, well made & have weight to them.

You are welcome to call us and ask about any products.

Facts—we are a 38 year old family run business. You can call here 6 days a week and speak with a real live person.

Most of the products we offer are our own designs, made by our partner factories.

We also represent other fine companies such as Lane, South Sea, Boca Rattan, Classic Rattan, YesterYear, Braxton Culler, Designer & Whitecraft by Woodard.

We hope reading this was of help to you.